Natasha Soyer
Hey! My name is Natasha Soyer, I am an artist and I want to help you plunge into the fascinating world of painting, drawing and art history. I am well-experienced and have been teaching students for many years. I have a unique author's program that allows anyone to achieve the desired professional level.

There are two formats of meetings with my students. The first option, you are engaged in the program. By completing the assigned tasks and exercises, you have the opportunity to reach the level from Beginner to Advanced Artist. The second format of classes is master classes. These classes are not educational, but more entertaining and relaxing.
Being an artist, I own a lot of stylistic trends in painting. But my greatest love is classical art, especially the technique of old masters. And for those students who have completed basic training at my school, this level of painting also becomes available.

Over the years, I have traveled around Europe studying art in the world's most famous museums. I lectured on the history of European painting of the 14th-20th centuries. And now I want to share and pass on this experience to you!
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